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There are two primary types of parasites that can harm our health. One is larger worm type parasites such as flukes, roundworms, and tapeworm, and the other is protozoa type parasites of which amoebas are one type.

Effective parasite programs need to take into account that parasites have had millions of years to outsmart mammalian immune systems, and the natural anti-parasitic alkaloids in the roots, herbs, and other vegetable foods we eat. One adaptive mechanism is that when we eat anti-parasitic foods or herbs, the protozoa convert to a cyst form which is almost impossible to kill, or even if we are talking about adult worms and the adults die off, once the coast is clear and we stop eating the anti-parasitic food or it goes out of season the eggs hatch and become adults and then you have the infection all over again.

One way to overcome this is to pulse the dosing of parasite herbs 5 days on and two days off. During the 2 days off the parasites stage a comeback and when you start the herbs again you kill off the next generation. Keep in mind that an effective herbal parasite cleanse will kill the majority of adults in about 3 days. If this is not the case then that parasite cleanse is not very effective.

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