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You can make your own hairspray and hair gel. It is cheap, fragrance free and the best I have ever used.

It is basically Knox plain gelatin with products added to preserve it and prevent tangles.

I have a basic recipe I will be happy to share, but, you will have to experiment with stiffness until it is right for your hair.

I have a friend with asthma who tolerates this hair spray and it does not seem to bother the chemical sensitive.

By the way this homemade hairspray not only adds body but puts some shine on your hair.


Many variations to this hairspray recipe, but, basically it is plain unflavored Knox gelatin and a liquid with a tolerated commercial hair product for preservative and easier comb outs.


1 to 2 teaspoons gelatin (2 tsp. will make hair stiff)
1 cup liquid (water or part rubbing alcohol in humid climate)
3 OR 4 TBLS Magick Botanicals hair spray. Some chemical sensitive people tolerate this product. It is sold on Amazon.
OPTIONAL: 1 TBLS hydrogen peroxide.( Peroxide is an excellent preservative but will give dark hair red highlights, or, if your hair is grey mix you will begin to look like you are getting your hair frosted. The color change is very gradual and becoming. At any point you decide that blondes do not have more fun, just leave out the peroxide.)


Prepare the gelatin in half cup boiling water according to package directions. Dissolve well and add water or alcohol to make one cup. (In a hurry? Use an ice cube for part of the liquid)

Add the commercial hair spray and peroxide if you are using it and pour into a spritzer bottle.

CAUTION:Gelatin boiled in a microwave has a tension that will erupt and burn your hand when you attempt to stir it. Believe me I know this to be true. I do not recommend a microwave for cooking gelatin.

TIP: Spritz sections of hair and set with hot rollers. Amazing results.
TIP: Save your Magick Botanical hair spray bottles. They are perfect for your homemade hairspray gel. Add a label. A date is good.
TIP: The next day your hair spray will be solid gelatin. Just leave it in a sink of hot water while you shower. Some nuke it in the microwave about 12 seconds without the top, but, it boils very quickly, so be cautious.
TIP: Bottle won’t spray? Run nozzle under hot water a few minutes.
TIP:Instead of Magjck Botanicals, experiment with other hair products if you can tolerate a little fragrance. If you hit on a favorite, post it, please.
TIP: Too stiff? Hair wiry? Just add a little water.
TIP: If your product gets smelly, pour it out. You gotta put in more commercial hair spray or add peroxide next time. You will hit on your own recipe for your hair and preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

This hairspray takes a little practice, but, once you get the hang of it, I think you will not want to ever be without it.

Hair looking a little wimpy today? Don’t really feel like shampooing and setting hair? Just lift sections and spritz from the roots. Let dry and then smooth and shape a bit and you got body.