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The solution though realistically is twofold: improve the terrain and also kill the bugs, preferably in a way that does no harm to the host. Kill the bugs, keep the body. Microbial infection and damaged terrain are not mutually exclusive issues. In fact pathogens can intentionally damage cell health and immune health as a survival mechanism and so at some point, killing them becomes integral to improving cellular terrain. They are poisoning surrounding tissues.

But as a holistic traditional practitioner I am alarmed by how many people with Lyme disease are in fact relentlessly doing very powerful kill therapies, meaning natural and/or conventional treatments to annihilate Spirochete bacteria while mostly ignoring terrain. It seems like a recipe for failure and more suffering. It ignores the fact that there are many people walking around who have been exposed to the Borrelia Burgdorferi infection and all the other bugs that cause Lyme disease who are perfectly healthy, have the antibodies in their blood to prove they were exposed, and are essentially in great health.

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